Suits Mens For Sale Men's Coat Suit Spring Men Casual Red

Suits Mens For Sale Men's Coat Suit Spring Men Casual Red

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Suits Mens For Sale Men's Coat Suit Spring Men Casual Red Suits Mens For Sale Men's Coat Suit Spring Men Casual Red


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Size guide

Coat of suits

Size Coat Bust Shoulder width Sleeve length
cm inch cm inch cm inch
XS 85-90 33.4-35.4 38-40 14.9-15.7 57-61 22.4-24
S 90-95 35.4-37.4 39-41 15.3-16.1 58-62 22.8-24.4
M 95-99 37.4-39.0 40-44 15.7-17.3 59-63 23.2-24.8
L 99-103 39.0-40.6 42-46 16.5-18.1 60-64 23.6-25.2
XL 103-107 40.6-42.1 43-47 16.9-18.5 61-65 24.0-25.6
2XL 107-111 42.1-43.7 44-48 17.3-18.9 63-67 24.8-26.4
3XL 111-115 43.7-45.3 45-49 17.7-19.3 64-68 25.2-26.8
4XL 115-119 45.3-46.9 47-51 18.5-20.1 65-69 25.6-27.2
5XL 119-123 46.9-48.4 48-52 18.9-20.5 66-70 26.0-27.6

Pants of suits

Size (Pants) Waist (Pants) Hips
cm inch cm inch
XS 67-72 26.3-28.3 86-92 33.8-36.2
S 71-76 27.9-29.9 91-96 35.8-37.7
M 76-81 29.9-31.8 96-101 37.7-39.7
L 81-86 31.8-33.8 102-108 39.8-42.5
XL 86-93 33.8-36.6 108-114 42.5-44.8
2XL 92-100 36.2-39.3 114-119 44.8-46.8
3XL 101-108 39.7-42.5 119-124 46.8-48.8
4XL 108-116 42.5-45.6 124-130 48.8-51.1
5XL 116-124 45.6-48.8 130-138 51.1-54.3

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